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Simply put -
     If you would like a program which performs a simple function, we will create it for you.

Our goal is to rapidly create useful APPS, Desktop Programs, Web Site functions, Office suite functions and macros.

You, the customer, provide an outline or detailed requirement of the function and look of the program via the online form. We will then contact you,confirming details and provide a price and time scale for the project. Then leave the rest to us:-

The result is a simple and useful App, Program or Software product at a highly competitive price, in rapid time, taylored to your requirements.

Usability, performance, simplicity of programs and apps is our goal. To achieve this we employ a range of programming languages to ensure the correct match to the specified environment. For instance C# is often the best suited code for Microsoft Windows PC applications. Java and XML coding is the de facto for the world’s most popular phone platform – Android. Swift is the new language for IPhones and IPads.  Leave all that to us.

your app, your design.... the envy of clients, colleagues and friends
with your own app, with your own logo.
highly qualified, highly experienced, highly professional.

Two decades of technical experience in the UK professional I.T. Industry.

Academically qualified to degree and further degree level at British universities in Birmingham and Manchester – the birthplace of modern computing.

Based in the South West of England, apart from the fresh air and sandy beaches, there are few distractions to tear us away from our computer screens. Perhaps that’s why we prefer the variety and interest of creating a range of smaller, useful, quick-to-make apps, rather than long-drawn-out marathon projects.

Albert says...
"Everything should be as simple as possible....
....but not simpler"
Albert Einstein
love to code...
we code and test everything ourselves
- no unsupervised buggy code factories for us....
....we pick the best coding language for the job. The snippet above is from our "pic-n-clic" app, written in the C# language.
useful apps...
apps that are easy to use....
....that you want to use
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