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iwasp...How It Works...

  • Think of a simple app you would like created
  • Provide detail of the functionality, design and layout
  • Decide on which platform you wish the app created (Android, Apple, Microsoft), and which device classes best suits you app (phone, tablet, PC)
  • Submit app details by completing and emailing the submission form (we recommend printing the form so that you can draw some sketches of your design, then snap it on your phone to send to
  • We will respond to your request, likely asking a couple of questions to clarify points of design and function
  • Usually we will say ‘yes, we can create your app’, providing a development price estimate and timescale
  • Once you formally agree to the app creation, we will create a design mockup, sending you some screenshots for approval and any final adjustments
  • We develop and create the full app
  • We send you instructions to download and install a trial version of the app, asking for feedback to iron out any bugs we might have missed
  • You will then receive our invoice and on payment the app will be submitted for publication on the necessary stores and platforms
  • Thats it ! Enjoy YOUR new app
your app, your design.... the envy of clients, colleagues and friends
with your own app, with your own logo.
highly qualified, highly experienced, highly professional.

Two decades of technical experience in the UK professional I.T. Industry.

Academically qualified to degree and further degree level at British universities in Birmingham and Manchester – the birthplace of modern computing.

Based in the South West of England, apart from the fresh air and sandy beaches, there are few distractions to tear us away from our computer screens. Perhaps that’s why we prefer the variety and interest of creating a range of smaller, useful, quick-to-make apps, rather than long-drawn-out marathon projects.

Albert says...
"Everything should be as simple as possible....
....but not simpler"
Albert Einstein
love to code...
we code and test everything ourselves
- no unsupervised buggy code factories for us....
....we pick the best coding language for the job. The snippet above is from our "pic-n-clic" app, written in the C# language.
useful apps...
apps that are easy to use....
....that you want to use
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