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iwasp FAQs...

? Who does your coding ?

All our coding is done in-house by experienced degree level IT professionals.

We choose not to farm out work to cheap coding factories in far flung corners of the world. We believe that is a false economy, with returned code often poorly written and bug-ridden.

? How much does it cost ?

All our development and coding is done at an hourly rate of £30.

A single screen app with simple function – such as the time zone clocks app shown, would take 3 or 4 hours.

Multi-screen more complex apps, such as pic-n-clic, would take 20+ hours.

Based on the information you submit, we will provide as accurate an estimate as we can, based on similar projects we may have undertaken.

? How long will it take ?

Simpler apps will typically take 2 weeks to create, ready for you to trial. Once they are approved, we expect publishing stores to take a week to ratify and make the app publicly available.

Complex apps will take longer and we will keep you informed of progress.

? Who owns the app ?

Apps are created from multiple parts, treated as separate ownership/copyright/Intellectual Property Right entities.

Any content you provide for inclusion in the app, eg images, backgrounds, logo, is owned by you.

Designs and layouts created by ourselves, we retain ownership and IPR and reserve the right to use in other applications, unless those designs refer specifically to your organisation or are similar to your organisation’s published logos.

Code – Any code we have written, we own and possess IPR. We reserve the right to apply any code and associated functions to any future applications created.

? Can I distribute the app freely ?

You are free to distribute the app as you see fit, unless it is being used for illegal purposes or distributed to parts of the world where certain app functions may be considered illegal (eg cryptographic processes).

Typically an app would be distributed via an associated platform store (eg Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Microsoft). However with some apps you may wish to distribute them yourself, for instance put on your own website to download. In which case we can send you the app in a format for personal distribution.

? What if it goes wrong ?

Most new apps contain minor bugs. When a bug is brought to our attention, we will fix it at no cost.

? Why is ‘’ mentioned on my app ?

As part of the creation agreement, we ask for a degree of recognition to gain business for ourselves from your, hopefully, extremely popular application.
We will position our title discreetly on each screen of the application, and you are free to ask that we move it to a different area of the screen.

? Can I change or extend my app ?

Provide details of a change of design and we will do this at an agreed price.
If you require a change or extension of the app’s functionality, we will assess the possibilities and requirements of your request and provide a quotation for the work.

your app, your design.... the envy of clients, colleagues and friends
with your own app, with your own logo.
highly qualified, highly experienced, highly professional.

Two decades of technical experience in the UK professional I.T. Industry.

Academically qualified to degree and further degree level at British universities in Birmingham and Manchester – the birthplace of modern computing.

Based in the South West of England, apart from the fresh air and sandy beaches, there are few distractions to tear us away from our computer screens. Perhaps that’s why we prefer the variety and interest of creating a range of smaller, useful, quick-to-make apps, rather than long-drawn-out marathon projects.

Albert says...
"Everything should be as simple as possible....
....but not simpler"
Albert Einstein
love to code...
we code and test everything ourselves
- no unsupervised buggy code factories for us....
....we pick the best coding language for the job. The snippet above is from our "pic-n-clic" app, written in the C# language.
useful apps...
apps that are easy to use....
....that you want to use
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