Robotics Projects for Schools

Linking with some of our local schools, providing fun resources for coding and robotics activities and clubs.

Computer studies is now a core part of the school curriculum. Learning to code is a key part of the subject.

Robotics is a great way of drawing in budding programmers, by demonstrating how a few lines of code can operate a real world device and importantly show how to get that device to function independantly of human interaction, ie robotics.

We use the highly versatile, relatively powerful yet budget priced BBC Microbit and Raspberry Pi ‘micro-computers’, along with a variety of hobby electronic components.

Step-by-step build instructions and full code are included in a full range of fun, interesting and informative ‘robotics’ style projects, starting with something as simple as gettin a light flashing, up to a ‘robot wars’ (and beyond) project with self-sensing robots fighting it out with each other.