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An app for use on touch screen tablets, phones and laptops, designed primarily for children with complex physical and cerebral disabilities.


android – Google Play store

ipad & iphone – Apple store


Random # Generator

A simple but very handy app to generate a number randomly between two values and speak the result.
Set decimal places, voice and screen display, prevent duplicate results (for you lotto buffs).
A recent feature is to mimic the roll of a single or double dice, with video and sound effects.


android – Google Play store

apple devices – Apple store




SendMail checker

A natty little tech tool to test the ability of a specified mail server to send email from a stated email address.
Technicians find this app useful to check whether customer mail accounts are sending email properly.
To assist testing, the current date and time is optionally added to the message subject.

If you are feeling mischievous you can also use this tool to send an email from a ‘spoofed’ sender address (we don’t approve, but you can do it !)

microsoft windows desktop application – direct download